Minecraft PE update 0.17.0 download

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

Make sure to back up your world data before updating to Minecraft PE 0.17.0, as there may be some slight changes that could cause compatibility issues. Other than that, simply head on over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update the game like you would any other app!

What are the new features in Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

Welcome to the new Minecraft PE 0.17.0 update! This release fixes a number of bugs and crashes, as well as adds some new features and gameplay changes. We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs you find to our support site.

Some of the new features in Minecraft PE 0.17.0 include:

– New blocks and items: There are many new blocks and items added with this update, including soul sand, netherrack, glowstone, and obsidian.

– New creatures: With the addition of the Nether comes new creatures, such as Ghasts, Wither Skeletons, and Pigmen.

– New biomes: There are also several new biomes to discover in the Nether, such as the Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley, and Crimson Forest.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

The biggest addition to this update is a whole new dimension for players to explore! This includes new biomes, blocks, items, and mobs, so there’s plenty of new content for players to check out. There are also a few minor changes and bug fixes included in this update. For a full list of changes, check out the Minecraft PE 0.17.0 patch notes.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Minecraft PE 0.17.0 update! Be sure to check back here for more information and patch notes as new updates are released for the game!

Minecraft PE 0.17.0 fixes:

  • MCPE-29494 – Entities (mobs) can go through walls
  • MCPE-30212 – can’t open world with 0.16.0 after updating to 0.17.0
  • MCPE-30219 – “Old” Enderman AI prevents them from picking up blocks
  • MCPE-30196 – Fireworks do not show when shot from dispensers
  • MCPE-30206 – The game crashes when trying to place a block next to certain blocks that have just been placed
  • MCPE-30220 – Hoppers: When pulling items into a chest above the hopper, the wrong item is taken first sometimes
  • MCPE-29891 – Stuck slimes cause server lag
  • MCPE-30203 – Grass blocks turn black after being hit by fire aspect swords
  • MCPE-30190 – TNT does not damage obsidian
  • MCPE-30173 – Pistons cannot push blocks upward if there is a block in the way

How to install Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

  1. If you have not already done so, download and install BlockLauncher.

  2. Open BlockLauncher and go to Settings > Manage texture packs.

  3. Select “Open texture pack folder”. This will open the folder where BlockLauncher looks for texture packs.

  4. Download the ZIP file of Minecraft PE 0.17.0 from below and extract it into the texture pack folder. The file should be named something like “minecraftpe-0.17.0.zip”.

  5. Now open BlockLauncher and go to Settings > Select your world type > Texture Pack > blocklauncher:script_mode > Done!

  6. You can now select Minecraft PE 0.17.0 as your world type when creating a new world. Have fun!

Minecraft PE 0.17.0 FAQ:

What are the new features in Minecraft PE 0.17.0?

Some of the new features in Minecraft PE 0.17.0 include:
-Additions of llamas, parrots, and banners
-A new tutorial world
-New game rules options, such as being able to disable raids
-Increased performance and various bug fixes

-What is the minimum version of Minecraft PE required for 0.17.0?

The minimum version of Minecraft PE required for 0.17.0 is 1.0.0.