Minecraft PE update 1.0.0 download

Minercaft PE 1.0.0 update fixes a number of bugs and crashes, adds new features, and improves performance.

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE 1.0.0?

No, you don’t need to know anything before downloading Minecraft PE 1.0.0. Just make sure you have enough space on your device for the download. The update is about 44 MB in size.

What are the new features in Minecraft PE 1.0.0 Ender Update?

The Ender Update is the biggest update to Minecraft Pocket Edition so far, adding a whole host of new features, including:

  • The End Dimension, where you can battle the ender dragon
  • Elytra wings, which allow you to glide through the air
  • Shulkers, hostile mobs that shoot projectiles
  • New blocks and items, including end stone and chorus fruit

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.0 Ender Update now and enjoy all the new features!

Minecraft PE 1.0.0 fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when using bone meal on a sapling
  • Fixed a crash when using fireworks
  • Improved performance
  • Added new features:
  • The Nether reactor can now be built in multiplayer
  • Maps can now be placed in item frames
  • New sound effects for Anvils, Brewing Stands, and Ender Chests
  • New particle effects for potions, fireworks, and torches

Download Minercaft PE 1.0.0 today to get all the latest features and fixes!

How to install Minecraft PE 1.0.0?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Download Minercaft PE 1.0.0 from the link above

  2. Once Minercaft PE 1.0.0 is downloaded, open the file and extract it to a location of your choice

  3. Run the Minercaft PE 1.0.0 installer by double-clicking on the file you extracted

  4. Follow the prompts in the installer to complete installation

  5. Start playing Minecraft PE 1.0.0!


What’s new in Minercaft PE 1.0.0?

– Downloading and installing Minercaft PE 1.0.0 is now easier than ever
– The game now supports multiple languages, so you can play in your native language
– A new map has been added, along with a variety of new blocks and items
– Performance has been improved, and bugs have been fixed

How do I download Minercaft PE 1.0.0?

Download Minercraft PE 1.0.0 from our website today!

I’m having problems with Minercaft PE 1.0.0, what should I do?

If you’re having problems with Minercraft PE 1.0.0, please leave a comment below for help.