Minecraft PE update 1.1.1 download

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE 1.1.1?

Yes, there are a few things you should know before updating to Minecraft PE 1.1.1. First, make sure your device has enough storage space to accommodate the update. Second, if you’re using an older version of iOS, you may need to update to a newer version in order to download and install Minecraft PE 1.1.1. Finally, if you’re playing on a server, make sure to check with the server owner or administrator to ensure that the server is running the latest version of Minecraft PE before updating your game.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.1.1?

A lot has changed in Minecraft PE 1.1.1, so let’s take a look at some of the most significant changes:

  • The map has been completely redesigned and is now much more user-friendly
  • The game now runs smoother on all devices
  • New sound effects have been added
  • The Nether has been completely redesigned
  • New mobs have been added, such as the Enderman and the Wither
  • A new biome, the Mushroom Biome, has been added
  • New blocks, such as Lapis Lazuli and Redstone Ore, have been added
  • And much more!

Minecraft PE 1.1.1 fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when using fireworks
  • Fixed a crash when using fireworks to boost the elytra
  • Fixed being able to tame foxes with suspicious Stew
  • Fixed being able to breed llamas with hay bales
  • Improved performance of loading chunks
  • The map cursor is no longer offset when zooming in and out
  • The player can no longer take damage when hit by a shulker bullet while riding in a minecart or boat
  • Armorstands can now be equipped with shields
  • Renamed “Oak Wood Slabs” to “Wooden Slabs”

How to install Minecraft PE 1.1.1?

To install the Minecraft PE 1.1.1 update, simply follow these easy steps:

First, make sure you have a compatible device. The update is available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows 10 devices.

Next, launch the game and select “Settings.” Then tap “Profile” and scroll down to “Beta participation.”

Switch the toggle to “On” and tap “Update available.” The game will update automatically.

Once the update is installed, you’re ready to play!

We hope you enjoy the new features and content in Minecraft PE 1.1.1. Happy exploring!

Minecraft PE update 1.1.1 FAQ

What’s new in the 1.1.1 update?

The 1.1.1 update adds several new features, including:
– New blocks: Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, and Red Sandstone
– New items: Chorus Fruit, Popped Chorus Fruit, and Chorus Plant
– New mobs: Guardians and Elder Guardians
– New biome: Deep Ocean
– New game mode: Adventure Mode
– Improved performance

How do I get the new update?

The 1.1.1 update is available now for iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Amazon devices. To get the update, simply launch Minecraft and wait for the game to update automatically.

What’s new in Adventure Mode?

In Adventure Mode, players can now interact with blocks and mobs in a more controlled way. For example, you can now trade with villagers, build defensive structures, and tame wolves. Additionally, the difficulty level can now be set to ‘Hard’, making mobs more aggressive and hostile.

How do I get started in Adventure Mode?

To start playing in Adventure Mode, simply select it from the game mode menu when creating a new world. Alternatively, you can convert an existing world to Adventure Mode by opening the world options menu and selecting ‘Convert to Adventure Mode’.

What’s new in the Deep Ocean biome?

The Deep Ocean is a dark and dangerous place, home to deadly mobs such as Guardians and Elder Guardians. Be careful when exploring this new biome, as it is easy to get lost!