Minecraft PE update download

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE 1.19.30?

If you’re just getting started with Minecraft PE, you won’t need to worry about anything before downloading this update. However, if you’re already familiar with the game, there are a few things worth noting.

First and foremost, this is a beta update, which means it’s still in development and may contain bugs or other issues. If you encounter any problems while playing, be sure to report them to the developers so they can be fixed in future updates.

Secondly, this update introduces a number of new features and changes to the game. Some of these may be unfamiliar or confusing at first, but don’t worry – we’ll help you get up to speed on everything that’s new.

So what are you waiting for? Download Minecraft PE and check out the new features for yourself!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.19.30?

  • Updated the loading screen with new ‘Featured Servers’ and ‘Skin Chooser’ buttons
  • Added a ‘Report bugs’ button to the main menu
  • Added an option to enable reduced debug info

Minecraft PE 1.19.30 is now available for download! This update includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. For more information, please see the full changelog below.


  • – Fixed a crash that could occur when using bone meal on two blocks next to each other
  • – Fixed a crash that could occur when using a map with an invalid world spawn point
  • – Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game while in third person view
  • – Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Command Block with an invalid command
  • – Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the game while it is minimized
  • – Improved performance when scrolling through long lists of items
  • – Added support for 32×32 skins
  • – Added an option to enable reduced debug info
  • – Updated the loading screen with new ‘Featured Servers’ and ‘Skin Chooser’ buttons
  • – Added a ‘Report bugs’ button to the main menu
  • – Fixed an issue where some players were not able to login due to an invalid skin type error
  • – Fixed an issue where loading a world from a resource pack would cause blocks and items to be replaced by their defaults
  • – Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes fail to connect to servers

Minecraft PE additions:

-New Dye: Brown

-New Block: Stained Glass (Brown)

-New Item: Bottle o’ Enchanting

-Fishing Rods can now be used as a melee weapon

Minecraft PE Changes:

-The Nether Reactor Core no longeridable. Disabling the Nether reactor will respawn the wither boss.

Minecraft PE

-Fixed a crash when using Chorus Fruit on an Enderman holding a Block of End Stone

-Fixed an incorrect hitbox on Hay Bales

Known Issues:

-MCPE-30857 – Anti Cheat Bypass (Fly, Speed, NoClip etc.)

Minecraft PE FAQ:

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The biggest addition in this update is the new Nether Update, which adds a slew of new features and content to the game’s Nether dimension. other than that, there are also a few minor changes and bug fixes included in this update.

How do I get the Nether Update?

To get the Nether Update, update your game to version 1.19.0 or higher. If you’re playing on an iOS or Android device, you can download the update from here or by opening up the App Store or Google Play Store and searching for “Minecraft”.

Will my world be reset when I update to Minecraft PE 1.19.0?

No, your world will not be reset when you update to Minecraft PE 1.19.0. However, if you’re playing on a server that hasn’t been updated to 1.19.0 yet, you may experience some inconsistencies or bugs.

I’m having trouble installing the update, what should I do?

If you’re having trouble installing the update, make sure that you have enough storage space on your device and that your internet connection is stable. If you continue to have trouble, you can try restarting your device or reinstalling the game entirely.

How to install Minecraft PE 1.19.30?

To install the Minecraft PE 1.19.30 update, you will need to first uninstall any previous versions of the game that you may have on your device. Once you have done this, download the new version from the link below and then open it up and follow the on-screen instructions.

Make sure to allow installation from unknown sources if prompted, and then launch the game once it has been installed. You should now be running the latest version of Minecraft PE!