Minecraft PE update 1.2.9 download

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE 1.2.9?

Before downloading the update, it’s important to know that there are a few changes in this version that may affect your game. One of the most notable changes is the removal of support for 32-bit devices. This means that if you’re using an older device, you won’t be able to update to 1.2.9 and will need to stick with 1.2.8 or an older version.

Another change is the addition of a new achievement, “Mining Falling Objects.” To earn this achievement, you’ll need to mine 500 blocks that have fallen from the sky. This includes items like raindrops, snowflakes, and ender pearls.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.2.9?

The main changes in Minecraft PE 1.2.9 are:

  • New blocks: Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Bricks
  • New items: Chorus Fruit, Popped Chorus Fruit, Chorus Plant
  • New mobs: Shulker
  • New features: Glowing Observer Blocks, Dragon

Minecraft PE 1.2.9 fixes:

  • The game will no longer crash when opening certain files from resource packs.
  • Fixed several issues with text rendering on signs and banners.
  • Armor stands can once again be equipped with Elytra wings.
  • The Wither will now correctly attack players who are riding a strider.
  • Snow golems will no longer vanquish when throwing a snowball.
  • Mobs will now correctly take fall damage when falling from a slime block.
  • The map will now correctly render the end gateway portals.
  • Players can once again use the /scoreboard players set command.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur while

How to install Minecraft PE 1.2.9?

In order to install Minecraft PE 1.2.9, you need to have a compatible device. The update is available only for Windows 10 devices.

If you’re playing on a Windows 10 device, you’ll need to go to the Minecraft game page on the Microsoft Store and update the game from there.

Once you have updated the game, you will be able to enjoy all of the new features and changes that come with Minecraft PE 1.2.9!

Minecraft PE updates 1.2.9 FAQ:

When was the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update released?

The Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update was released on January 16th, 2018.

What’s new in the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update?

The main focus of the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update is to fix bugs and crashes. However, there are also a few new features, such as:
– New Nether biomes: Soulsand Valley and Warped Forest
– New blocks: Crimson and Warped Nylium, Crimson and Warped Fungus, Crimson Roots, and Warped Walls
– New items: Nether Wart Block and Chains
For a full list of changes, please see the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 patch notes.

How do I install the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update?

The Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update will be available through the in-game updater. Simply launch Minecraft PE, and the update will automatically download and install itself.

What if I have problems with the Minecraft PE 1.2.9 update?

If you experience any problems with the update, please contact Mojang support for assistance.