Minecraft PE 1.4 free download

If you’re a fan of Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’ll be excited to know that the 1.4 update is now available for download. This update includes a variety of new features and improvements, including:

  • The ability to download and install resource packs and behavior packs directly from within the game
  • A new “Adventure” mode that lets you create custom rules for your world
  • A new “Wandering Traders” feature that allows players to trade with each other in exchange for emeralds
  • The addition of several new blocks, items, and mobs
  • New blocks: There are several new blocks that will be added in Minecraft PE 1.4, including concrete, banners, and stained glass.
  • New items: A number of new items will also be added, such as fireworks, armor stands, and Elytra wings.
  • New mobs: A variety of new mobs will be introduced in Minecraft PE 1.4, including llamas, parrots, and shulker boxes.
  • User interface improvements: The user interface will be tweaked and improved in a number of ways in Minecraft PE 1.4.
  • Performance improvements: A number of performance improvements will be made in Minecraft PE 1.4, resulting in a smoother and more responsive game.

To download the 1.4 update, simply launch Minecraft PE on your device and wait for the update to download automatically. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the new features and content that it has to offer! As always you can safely download Minecraft PE 1.4 from our site!

Minecraft PE 1.4 update FAQ:

– What was included in the update?

A number of features and improvements are planned for the update, including:
– New blocks, items, and mobs
– Performance enhancements
– User interface changes and improvements
– And more!

– How do I download the update?

You can download it directly from our website.
Simply head to the download page and select the version of Minecraft PE that you want to download the update for.