Minecraft PE update download

Is there anything I need to know before downloading Minecraft PE

If you’re planning on downloading the Minecraft PE update, there are a few things you should know first. For starters, this update is only compatible with the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, so if you’re playing on any other platform, you won’t be able to take advantage of the new features and changes.

Additionally, it’s important to note that this update is still in beta, which means that there may be some bugs and glitches present. If you encounter any issues while playing, be sure to report them to the developers so they can be fixed in future updates.

With that said, here’s everything you need to know about the Minecraft PE update.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

  • Added some new blocks, including Concrete, Stained Glass, Glazed Terracotta, and Shulker Boxes
  • Added the Wither boss mob
  • Added the Nether Fortress biome
  • Added the ability to craft fireworks
  • Added the ability to dye Armor, Beds, and other blocks and items
  • Added new game rules, including ‘doFireTick’ and ‘mobGriefing’
  • Improved performance on lower-end devices

Minecraft PE fixes:

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur while playing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze when trying to load certain chunks
  • Fixed a bug where players would suffocate inside of Shulker Boxes
  • Fixed several bugs with the Wither boss mob
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in walls while sprinting
  • And more!

How to install Minecraft PE

To install the Minecraft PE update, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download the update file from the official Minecraft website.

2. Open the downloaded file and extract it to a folder on your computer.

3. Copy the extracted folder to the ‘Behavior Packs’ folder in your ‘Minecraft PE’ game directory.

4. That’s it! The update will now be installed and you can start playing Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE updates FAQ:

So what’s new in this update?

A lot! Here’s a quick rundown:
– New blocks: Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, and Block of Coal.
– New items: Fireworks, Firework Stars, and Firework Rockets.
– Improved performance on iOS devices.
– A new ‘Splash Text’ option in the world options menu.
– The Wither can now be spawned using the /summon command.
– New achievements: ‘An End to All Things’, ‘The End.’, and ‘The Beginning?’
– Lots of bug fixes!

What’s the deal with the new blocks?

The new blocks are part of the ‘Game Changer’ update, which adds a whole bunch of new features and content to Minecraft PE. In addition to the three new blocks, there are also Fireworks, Firework Stars, and Firework Rockets.

How do I get the new blocks?

The new blocks can be found in the ‘Game Changer’ update, which is available now.

What’s the ‘Splash Text’ option?

The ‘Splash Text’ option allows you to add text to the world options menu. This can be used to provide information about the world, or any other message you want to display.

How do I spawn the Wither?

The Wither can be spawned using the /summon command. For example, to spawn the Wither with 100 health, you would use the following command: /summon Wither 100.