How to make iron nuggets in Minecraft?

Iron nuggets are a versatile item in Minecraft. They can be used to make tools and armor, or even traded with villagers. Iron nuggets can also be found by mining iron ore blocks with a pickaxe. When you mine an iron ore block, it will drop one to three iron nuggets. You can also smelt iron ingots down into iron nuggets.

To make iron nuggets in a furnace, you will need:

-Iron ore blocks

-A pickaxe

-A furnace

First, mine some iron ore blocks with a pickaxe. Iron ore is most commonly found in caves and mineshafts. Once you have some iron ore blocks, you can smelt them down into iron ingots in a furnace. To do this, place the iron ore blocks in the upper slot of the furnace and fuel the furnace with coal or wood.

Once the iron ingots are smelted, they will drop as iron nuggets. You can then use these iron nuggets to make tools and armor or trade them with villagers. Iron nuggets are a versatile item in Minecraft and can be very useful to have!

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