How to get seagrass in Minecraft?

Seagrass is a plant that can be found in shallow water bodies such as oceans, lakes and rivers. In Minecraft, seagrass can be obtained by breaking the tall grass block with your hand or any tool.

The best way to find seagrass is to explore shallow water biomes such as beaches, coral reefs and river deltas. Seagrass usually grows in patches, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for it. When you see a patch of seagrass, break some of the blocks with your hand or tool to obtain the seagrass.

Seagrass can also be found in shipwrecks and underwater ruins. You can explore these structures to find hidden chests that contain seagrass.

Once you have obtained some seagrass, you can use it to craft items such as beds, shoes, baskets, and hats. Seagrass can also be used as fuel for furnaces and smelters.

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